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OLDWALLS GOWER Wedding Photographer - Stacey And Jamal

Love in Full Bloom: Stacey and Jamal's Epic Wedding at Oldwalls Gower

Oldwalls Gower: Where Love Gets Its Groove On

Picture this: rolling hills, dreamy landscapes, and a sprinkle of magic in the air. That's Oldwalls Gower for you! As your go-to South Wales wedding photographer, I've seen firsthand how this place turns dreams into reality, one "I do" at a time.

Stacey and Jamal: A Love Story for the Ages

Meet Stacey, the epitome of elegance in her classic white gown, and Jamal, rocking that black tie like a boss. With their adorable kids and furry friend in tow, these two lit up Oldwalls Gower with their infectious energy and boundless love.

From Tricks to Tunes: A Day Packed with Fun

Stacey and Jamal's wedding day was a rollercoaster of fun and surprises. We're talking mind-blowing magic tricks, courtesy of some talented magicians, and smooth saxophone melodies that had everyone grooving till dawn. Oldwalls Gower knows how to throw a party, that's for sure!

Love and Lights: Sparklers, Fireworks, and Dance Floors

When the sun dipped below the horizon, the real magic began. Sparklers in hand, Stacey and Jamal lit up the night with their love, while fireworks painted the sky in hues of romance. And let's not forget the dance floor—it was like something out of a movie, with everyone busting their best moves!

Oldwalls Gower: Where Dreams Come True

With its picture-perfect backdrop and top-notch service, Oldwalls Gower is the ultimate wedding wonderland. From breathtaking views to five-star treatment, this place has it all, making every couple feel like royalty on their big day.

Capture Your Love Story with Lovell Pictures

Ready to turn your wedding day dreams into frame-worthy moments? Look no further than Lovell Pictures, your trusty South Wales wedding photographer. We'll be your backstage pass to all the love, laughter, and unforgettable memories at Oldwalls Gower.


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