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Moody black and white image cardill wedding photographer


Lovell photography family shot, cardiff wedding photographer
Lovell photography, south wales wedding photographer

The moody looking one above is Libby, our 13 year old daughter. This is her face all the time now she's in high school. She likes Minecraft, The Sims 4, throw in some Roblox and finish off with some Minecraft. Sometimes, she will come out with me around Wales and take some photographs, especially in a power cut. 

We are a small family of 4, two parents (well, we do our best) Libby and a Puggle called Rosie. The ladies like to dress Rosie up at every opportunity and if that is the reason you are here, then you are our kind of people. 

The crazy dancing one is Jerri, my partner of 15 years, the one who dances in the living room with fairy lights whilst I'm trying out some different shots and also, my life rock. Our names rhyme and that really isn't a good thing. We just got married too. One of our best days ever. 


We like finding new places, especially in Wales, we are so lucky to live in such an incredible part of the world. We also like Christmas, a lot, snowy days, looking at the Milky Way on a clear night, rugby and food. 

Oh, and we now live in Cardiff, home of the Maaaaars Baaaar. If you know, you know. 


Puggle jumping through a tyre in cardiff

As for me, I really love photography. Not just as a job, but as a way of life. It's a chance to remember some really cool stuff that I once saw, or help others to do that. That's also why I love weddings. You give me the chance to look for some super special moments that you didn't have the chance to see and give you those to keep forever. I love that bit the most. I never turn down an offer for a dance either, as you can see here. 

In a past life I was a musician, then a pro rugby coach. I've decided to hand the baton on now to much, much cooler people than me. 

If you want to watch a movie with me, let's go see the Back to the future trilogy, Les Intouchables or Good Will Hunting

If you want to grab some food with me, lets go for Pizza, Haggis or anything Italian

If you want to come on holiday with me, let's go anywhere, it's been a long time!

Over to you, fill in that contact form, let me know your story...

Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Lovell photography dancing with a client at canada lodge and lake, cardiff
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