The secret to ensuring great wedding photos

Unless you are a professional model and have lots of experience in front of cameras, I'm going to take a guess that you probably don't feel 100% comfortable when someone you've never met points a camera at you! I myself have this problem, whenever my lady points her camera phone at me, I do this weird smile that I have NEVER done before in any other part of my life and I seem to look like I've just eaten something sour. A great look. So how do we get past this really common issue? The secret I have found over the years of shooting camera shy couples (95% of all couples I have shot!) is to offer a free engagement shoot as part of my packages. Some people call them pre-wedding shoots. Some call them couple shoots. Whatever you prefer to call them, they are a fantastic opportunity to get the wedding day shots that you want and love.

When I do an engagement shoot with a couple, we pick somewhere that you are comfortable. It might be your favourite park, a beach, the place you first met or even your back garden! It allows my couples to get to know me in a relaxed place and it allows me to show you that actually, it can be a really enjoyable, relaxing experience having your photo's taken. All the cheese is removed from the old ways photography and instead we focus on chatting and shooting you in your most natural environments with the person you love the most! If you want to bring your children, pets or anyone or thing that makes you feel more comfortable, all are welcome.

There is no pressure on what to wear either. Bring out your own personality and just be you. Lots of photographers will charge for this service but I see this as an important extension of your day so I include it in the price. With an engagement shoot you are able to feedback on the shots you love and with that knowledge in hand, producing your actual wedding day shots to your expectations is made far easier. It's also never awkward on the day when the photographer arrives who you may have never met until the moment they are shooting your wedding! You get to keep all the images too, creating more memories for you and your family and partner. The secret to ensuring great wedding photos is preparation. What better preparation than already having done a full shoot with your photographer before the chaos and excitement of the wedding day! Feel free to drop me a line if this sounds like something that might suit you as a couple. Keri-John

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